Health is not merely the absence of sickness.

There is an underlying assumption in western medicine, one that happens to be incorrect: that by eliminating illness one can create health. As a result, translational research fixates on studying the etiology of disease.

To understand something, you must study it. If you study disease, then you understand disease. To understand health, you must study health. This is because health is not merely the absence of illness. Health and sickness are opposites, two ends of a spectrum, with the neutral point midway between the two exemplifying neither health nor disease.

The study of disease can create solutions that return individuals to this point of neutrality; however it cannot support the cultivation of health, which requires active striving against the entropy inherent to life.

Dr. Alexis Jazmyn, PhD works with clients to support them in all aspects of their journey to health, from diet and nutraceuticals to exercise and lifestyle. She also works with individuals looking to improve their scientific literacy, helping them to gain the competence and confidence needed to effectively review scientific literature, assess data quality, and critically analyze published claims.